Get In The Word

I want to challenge us to make cruciform (of the shape of a cross) resolutions this year. While traditional New Year’s resolutions aren’t necessarily bad, they are if they take the place of resolutions for Jesus Christ. That means putting forth goals with a kingdom focus to be better disciples, or learners, of Jesus Christ. One of the easiest ways forward in that journey is through daily bible reading and prayer time. Below is the article we mentioned from Crossway about how much time we really do have to read our bibles, and then a selection of bible reading plans you can start today. If you need help finding a slightly different bible reading plan, please reach out to me as there is software we possess that can help produce a tailored fit reading plan for your schedule. If this is a commitment you aspire to make, I’d encourage you to connect with me or one of the other elders. We’d love to have the opportunity to check in with you regarding your reading progress. May these bless you on your discipleship journey with Jesus Christ.

Crossway Article

One Year Reading Plan

One Year Reading Plan #2

90 Day Reading Plan

6 Month Reading Plan