This blog post is part of the initiative launched on Sunday August 14. To see the associated sermon that was part of this, click HERE.

Move up: To step into a new ministry or to take on more responsibility in a ministry I am already involved in.
Move over: To make room for someone to move into a ministry and to help shepherd and equip them for that ministry.
Move in: To step into ministry, engage in ministries better aligned with giftings, membership/partnership with CBC, or relationship with Jesus.

Questions to consider as we look to move up move over and move in:

-How has God gifted me, to speak or to serve as laid out in 1 Peter 4:10-11?
-Does God want me to move up? Where? What is the first step I need to take to do this?
-Does God want me to move over? Is there someone that you can encourage to take that step of moving in and disciple as they move into ministry?
-Do I need to move in? Am I stewarding God‘s gifts well? 

Please consider how God has gifted you and where your gifts may apply as you review this list of ministries at CBC (this can be expanded as God provides the opportunity and the people to build His kingdom)!

Ministry list:

  • Meals ministry
  • Women’s ministry
  • Kid’s Kingdom
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
  • Small Groups
  • Worship team
  • Missions Team
  • Nursery

If you are involved in a ministry that aligns with the mission of CBC to (Know Jesus, Grow into His likeness, and Go make Him known) please tell us about it so we may consider how the church body may work together to further God’s kingdom!