This fall we are going to be embarking upon an exciting Adult Sunday School Class! We’re going to be discussing what the church is, the foundations of it, and what makes it healthy! Keep reading below to learn more about this exciting and upcoming Sunday School Class geared to the ENTIRE body at Cornerstone from 7th graders through adults. 



I Don’t Normally Attend Sunday School. Why Should I Attend?

We are going through a very exciting time as a church! Wait… really? Yes! We are in a rare season of ministry, with a growing need to be a light into our community. The church is that “command outpost” to reach the lost with the Light of Christ, and that includes Cornerstone Bible Church! Whether you are a member, a non-member, or even still just visiting Cornerstone, we highly encourage you to come! We’re going to be going back to the foundations of faith, and diving into the Church and what a healthy church looks like. We’ll be focusing around the framework of nine various marks of what a healthy church looks like and using those as the guide for which we discuss. Is there only nine? No, probably not. It’s just a framework to guide the class. This class will be designed to remind us of the biblical mandates with which Christ has commanded His church through His word. We’ll be going through all the various pieces of a church because one day, Christ will come back for His church. And on that great wedding ceremony of the Lamb, we must be prepared and be holy and without blemish! This class is designed to help us all do exactly that. Keep reading below to find out more about this course.


I Heard There Will Be Giveaways Every Sunday. Is That True?

Yes!!! Every Sunday there will be a giveaway for you and your family. You better not miss a single class or you’ll miss out on these giveaways!


When Does Sunday School Begin?

The Fall Sunday School classes will begin on August 28th, 2022. It starts at 9:15 am in the Sanctuary.


Who’s Invited?

This fall, our Sunday school is going to combine both the adults, and the students. This will be the only class this fall for both adults and students, so everyone is invited to attend. We’re going to be discussing the church and what a healthy church looks like and the church consists of both adults and teens! Nursery and classes for younger kids will still be happening like normal. This class is geared for 7th graders through adults. 


Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare?

Nope! We will be going through guided studies each of these mornings, and your participation will help drive a productive class! Just bring your Bible, a notebook, and a pen. Pray for the teacher, and pray that God would use His Spirit to guide His people through His word to do His will!


What Content Will Be Used To Lead This Class?

While you do not need to purchase a book or any material at all, this class will draw heavily from of course the Bible, but topically will draw heavily from various resources below. This is not an all encompassing list but is a guide should you desire to study any more of these topics individually or as a family. These are also the books that will be part of the weekly giveaways, so make sure you don’t miss a class!