As you may know, Roe v. Wade was recently overturned, altering as Marshall Segal said the “society-altering, life-plundering, God-mocking decision by the Supreme Court” in 1973. Not only was the judicial precedent of this almost 50-year-old Supreme Court decision overturned, it also over turned Planned Parenthood v. Casey from 1992. The recent judicial ruling that made its way to the Supreme Court (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) was the case in question where this decision was reached. This is indeed a historical accomplishment of epic proportion! This is an intersection of the Christian Church and politics that should be celebrated because now the nine unelected Supreme Court justices no longer force the American People to require abortion as a matter of federal statute: this decision is now back to each individual state and their elected officials. 

This is a miraculous answer to prayer, and no doubt a huge victory in the support of the world knowing the truth of the Bible (and what we know to be true) that life begins at conception. This is a great milestone to accomplish! But is it the end of the journey in the fight for human life? I don’t think so. Consider this quote from a recent article from Desiring God:

“… if you think overturning Roe and Casey ends the abortion debate, you are misinformed. Overturning these cases is just the beginning of the fight to save unborn lives, not the end. True, we can finally join the battle without being handcuffed by the federal courts, but are we prepared to fight and win?” -Scott Klusendorf, Author of “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture”

Celebrate Victory, But Prepare for More War

There is so much to celebrate in the fight for human life and this specific battle may have been won; but the war is far from over. Within the 50 states who now have complete control over abortion or anti-abortion laws, it is split roughly 50/50 on which states would ban or allow abortions. About 4 states are considered swing states, and some states even have trigger laws pending that if Roe vs. Wade did get struck down would automatically result in abortions being made illegal in that state. Many states that would most likely keep abortions legal are sadly some of the most populous states in the country. However, the question remains: what do we as Christians do now? 

The Sentiment of 1973

In 1973 when Roe vs. Wade became official, America’s political climate and religious sentiment was vastly different than today. This is not to say that America was more populated with true born-again regenerate believers, but the moral opinion of America more accurately lined up with God’s Word than it does today. The climate of America is spontaneously seeming to catapult itself into a post-modern, God hating culture with which the very basic and biologically acceptable facts of being male or female are being questioned! Is America simply facing an abortion problem today? The short answer is no. 

The Heart of The Matter

While abortion is absolutely against God’s Word in so many ways, the issue is not ultimately the heart of the matter. The root issue is that the hearts of people who are pro-choice are far from God, and the very Creator who gives them enough common grace for the air they breathe and the trusted muscles of their heart to continue beating are far from Him! It’s a heart problem because those who are pro-choice have not (yet) experienced the regeneration of their hearts so as to even remove the scales from their eyes to see the truth of God’s word. Fellow Christians, that is the heart of the matter. Not the Supreme Court. Not pro-choice or pro-life. It’s not about holding signs and winning debates. It’s ultimately a heart problem producing an ideologically incorrect moral view that shouldn’t even surprise us. The Bible is full of passages upon passages that indicate the corrupt and totally depraved nature of the human heart. In order for the culture to change, the heart needs to change first. 

How Hearts Change

People cannot be debated or argued with to the point of changed hearts and salvation. They simply cannot. Change doesn’t happen from the outside in as if moral goodness on the outside can eventually overtake the inside of one’s being. If this were true, the Protestant Reformation would never have happened, and Martin Luther would never be known for nailing his 95 theses to the door at the Wittenberg Church! 

Change happens from the inside out (Romans 12:2), and that starts with the miraculous gift of a changed heart (Ezekiel 11:19, 36:26). For a culture to change, the hearts of the people must first change. This is not just a work we should sit back and wait for. God has called every believer to His Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)! That includes you and me. The Word of God needs to be proclaimed to those who don’t know Christ (Romans 10:17). Even still the question remains; how do we continue to wage war against the powers of the evil one?

The Great Commission

First, we must develop hearts of agape love for the people who don’t understand God’s word, and for those who are far from Christ. We sometimes think that as Christians we are outside “the sinful ways of the world” and for those walking with Christ we have indeed been set apart. But it was not forever this way! “And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked…” is how the opening of the second chapter of Paul’s epistle to the church at Ephesus begins. We need to develop a deep love and compassion for what may initially be viewed as our political enemies. We need to develop the same deep love and compassion that our savior first had for us. 

Second, we must pray for the hearts of the people who don’t understand God’s word, and for those who are far from Christ. We already discussed above that only God changes hearts. We are no longer in the miraculous age of the apostles where we may walk around and perform miracles at will to bring people to faith and repentance. We need to pray for the lost, and pray to the Lord of the harvest to regenerate the hearts of stone to be able to get to a point of softening to the word of Christ. 

Third, we must engage with the people who don’t understand God’s word, and for those who are far from Christ. When our culture gets darker, we’re called to be salt and light! We’re not called to put this light under a basket! We’re commanded to shout from the rooftops that Jesus is Lord! It is so easy to fall into an argumentative debate or a tense exchange with those who disagree with our pro-life views taken from the Bible. We need to engage the root of the problem which is the heart. Sure, pro-choice views are in clear contradiction to God’s word. But, the war is won only when the battle is raged for the hearts of the lost. To pursue the symptoms of a lost heart doesn’t provide the cure. Going right to the heart does. Engage with people in a way that pursues a change in their heart and not their political positions. For surely, if God changed the murderous heart of Saul on the road to Damascus, he can surely change the heart of your coworker too. 

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