God has us on this amazing journey as a church, and He has been writing the story of Cornerstone with his gracious hand for over a quarter of a century. The mission He has for us is to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To invite people to church, sure, but to worship in a place and be in a place that equips us to go out into the world with the good news. We seek to have the blessing of having ownership over a place that will accomplish that. And progress has been smooth and just beautiful to look at.

Take a look at this recent photos, and don’t just look, don’t be a spectator – get involved! The first step is praying over what it means to be a part of the body of Cornerstone and using your gifts to serve others and how this building will be a part of that. And then come on by and see the building and rejoice in what God is doing. And then give – this doesn’t work unless you give to the Building Fund and the saints sacrifice to see this to completion. Be a part of this not because it’s cool – be a part of it because being an active servant of others in the local church is essential to living for Jesus and this is one big step for us in being the church God has called us to be.