I am enjoying catching up with all of you, even if it’s from a distance. It’s interesting to hear how this sudden change of pace is impacting each family differently. For some, they are facing the challenge of children doing schoolwork at home, while others face challenges related to their jobs. For some, the daily schedule has gotten much busier, and for others there is suddenly much more time to do things around the house. Whether you’re busy or not, I’d like to encourage you to make spiritual discipline a priority. Set a time when you will pursue God by meditating on His Word. Regularly go to Him in prayer to both glory in who He is and to ask for His protection and provision over your family and all others who are likewise facing a change of pace in this strange hour. The Bible has no pause button for spiritual gifts – exercise your gifts at a distance to speak God’s comforting truth into someone else’s life and actively ask what you can do to serve and pray for others.

I also encourage you to have a stated plan and purpose for how you are going to live in response to your new life adjustments. It could be something like, “I/we will serve the Lord with anticipation of how He will use COVID-19 to glorify Himself, and I will proclaim the hope of His gospel in what I say and do as I live with the limitations this pandemic brings.”

As always, please leave a comment or send an email on how we might pray for you and help you at this time. And don’t forget the link to our Sunday morning (10:30am) and Sunday night (6:00pm) livestream: https://cornerstoneneo.online.church/

Also consider how your family might benefit from the following resources:

  • Revelation media has the animated Pilgrim’s Progress movie viewable on their website for a small freewill offering.
  • Focus on the family is offering a one-month free subscription to the Adventures in Odyssey Club which has access to their Adventures in Odyssey audio files. THESE ARE EXCELLENT!
  • Moody Radio has tons of free listening for adults and kids or downloadable Nature Corner files, which are 15-minute biblical explanations in a fun way for kids, like “Tammy Tonsil” or animals highlighting Creation rather than evolution.
  • The Creation Museum has free virtual tours
  • The Cleveland Metroparks zoo has free virtual classrooms on their Facebook page.
  • Please email Pastor Josh (josh@cornerstoneneo.com) if you are looking to borrow books for yourself or your family.