The church is not a collection of families. The church is family. We are not “family-friendly”; we are a family. The church is made up of brothers and sisters who are to be encouraging each other as we pursue Jesus Christ together. But during this time of being seperated it can somewhat feel like we’re alone. You are well aware that we have been shut-in to our own homes and are unable to greet each other for the time being. So I thought it would be encouraging to give you an opportunity to say hello to your church family on Sunday morning during our “gathering.”

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Record a video (less than 30 seconds) and then send it to me ( Make sure that you speak loud and clear. It’s also helpful if you film the video horizontally that way it will fill up the whole screen. I will then piece all the video’s together and show them during our gathering.
  • What could you put on the video?
    • A general greeting expressing your love for your church family.
    • A verse that you have been encouraged by recently.
    • Why you have hope in the midst of uncertainty.
    • Testimony to God’s goodness
    • How you’ve seen God at work during this time.
  • Remember, keep it less than 30 seconds so that we can fit all the videos together in a timely manner.

I hope that my email will be flooded with videos in the coming days. Shoot a video from home with your whole family or one by yourself while at work or anywhere else. But let’s encourage our church family during this time of separation! If you would like to participate, please have your video sent to me by Friday morning at 8 am so that I have time to piece them all together.