Compassion International Sponsorship Update:  Brian Mulwa Mutio
I wanted to let you know that this Sunday I will be visiting the Kid’s Kingdom classes asking the children to help me prepare a letter to send to Brian. I usually collect ideas and questions from the children and then compose a letter to him online, which gets to Brian more quickly.  However, anyone can write to Brian; if your family would like to write a letter to Brian, talk with me on Sunday morning. I will have some letter writing prompts to help you get started on the table in the foyer.
As a church family, we have an opportunity to bless Brian and his family through prayer and as his Compassion Sponsor.  As many of you may already know, our Kid’s Kingdom classes sponsor a young boy named Brian Mulwa Mutio (age 8) from Kenya through Compassion International.  (Thank you to all the children and families who make contributions to Kid’s Kingdom’s weekly offering which provides the financial support of $38 to Brian each month.)
Sponsorship through Compassion International is life-changing for a young boy like Brian living in extreme poverty.  Our financial support  and sponsorship of Brian means that he has many Cornerstone families praying for him and his family.  It also opens doors for literacy and higher education, health care, recreation and friendship in safe, nurturing environment, and most importantly, discipleship and exposure to Biblical teaching, and godly role models at his Compassion Center.  
Child sponsorship through Compassion International is also a wonderful way to teach our little ones about how others live around the world, about different cultures, and to have compassion for those living in poverty.  Our Kid’s Kingdom sponsorship of Brian can be a spring board to many character-building and spiritual conversations around the dinner table or in family devotions, from interceding in prayer for others, sharing the Gospel, giving with a cheerful heart, to valuing others above ourselves and understanding different cultures.  
You are making a significant difference in Brian’s life through your Kids Kingdom offerings.  Can I ask, would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child yourself?   There are children who have been waiting for close to a year for a sponsor.  Ask me about becoming a child sponsor, yourself, or go to the Compassion International website for more information.
Thank you for your support and prayers for Brian.
Tish Bontrager