As you probably know by now, Armand and Kathy Tiffe are leading a course on the Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling once again this year at our Ministry Center on Monday nights. I’m sure that there are some of you who are on the fence on whether or not you should commit to such a large chunk of time and energy over the next year. Believe me, I get it. It’s big commit. You will give up a lot of your time on Monday nights but also will be committing to do some reading and work throughout the week for the class.

Now, I understand that this is not for everyone and this just may not be the right season of life for some of you to take on such a commitment. But if you’re on the fence because you’re not sure it’s worth your efforts, I’d like to give you a several reasons to consider enrolling in this course.

People need answers. We were never created to be our own source of wisdom. God has revealed Himself as the Good Counselor for He is the Divine Designer of this life and He has revealed who He is within His Word and how we are to live. One of the benefits of growing in our understanding of biblical counseling is that we can gain a greater understanding of how to deliver the answers that people are in desperate need of. Personally understanding how to minister the Word to the specific situations that people are in is such a tremendous benefit!

You will grow in your understanding of God’s Word and how it practically impacts your life. Armand and Kathy have gained decades of experience within ministry (pastoral and counseling) and they have become skilled in applying God’s Word to the life of the believer. While you will gain insight of how to help others walk through life in a way that glorifies God, there will be many nights that you will be personally challenged and helped to mature.

You will gain an undertanding of how to help those who are struggling. I believe that it is the right desire of the godly to help those who are in need. We have the good news of the gospel which reveals Jesus Christ; that is what people ultimately need! It would be nice if people didn’t struggle once coming to Christ, but that’s not the case. People oftentimes have difficulty in their marriage, they wrestle with anxiety, struggle with forgiving those who have hurt them, and many other issues. So much of what will be talked about in this class will help in practically coming alongside of those who need wisdom from above.

If you are considering getting trained in biblical counseling, now is a great time to start!

As of today, 29 people are signed up for this class, the majority of the people are from churches around our area. But there’s definitely room for you!!! For more information and to sign-up for the class please follow this link: Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling


Luke Rosenberger

Sr. Pastor