Good morning, Cornerstone family!

We are off to a busy start here in Ivanhoe and Kelly North Carolina as middle and high school students are working hard to restore homes of families devastated by Hurricane Florence and share the hope of the gospel. We started off the weekend Sunday night by meeting our hosts at Haw Bluff Baptist Church. They have blessed us by giving us their fellowship hall for the week and making all our meals each day. On Monday, we met the pastor of Natmoore Baptist Church in Kelly. We are now working on two homes, cleaning up some debris, mudding drywall, and fixing appliances, such as a toilet and hot water heater. Please pray for us as we battle ~100 degree heat and humidity (we are staying hydrated) and as we strive to be driven by gospel purpose. We are encouraged by the church families who have been hard at work and are blessed by the people we have met and been able to encourage.