A mistake was made in our Annual Report and the Children’s Ministry Report accidentally was not put in. We wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to see it!

By Stacey Strano

It has been an exciting year for the Children’s Ministry at CBC! We are blessed to have a group of dedicated teachers who strive weekly to point CBC’s kids to Christ, and they would covet your prayers as they invest in the important task of teaching. This ministry would fall apart without their commitment and faithfulness ~ thank you, teachers! For those of you not familiar with our program, we have two opportunities for our children. The first hour meets from 9:15 until 10:00 and is spent diving into God’s plan of redemption in the Scriptures, using Generations of Grace curriculum, letting that deepen the children’s love of the Gospel as well as seeing the need to share that with the lost. Kid’s Kingdom classes dismiss partway thru the worship service during the second hour, allowing families time to worship together in song and fellowship. We have three classes available for kids and use David C. Cook materials to guide our children thru the Bible. It’s so fun to see the joy on their faces as they race to their classrooms!

It’s also been a year of change in Children’s Ministry. We had VBS at the Ministry Center for the first time. (see Doris’s article for all the news!) We are also in the process of implementing a new policy for safety and protection of our students. This involves changes on both parent’s and teacher’s parts in how we check children into their classes and pick them up, and while it may take time for everyone to get used to the changes, we put a high priority on the safety of our students and appreciate the cooperation of our families and teachers alike!

After 20-plus years of faithfully serving Cornerstone as Director of Children’s Ministry, Mary Scheuerman has retired from the position. A simple thank-you doesn’t seem quite appropriate for her dedication and love for our kids, which she showed on a weekly basis. So much of what she did was behind the scenes, too: ensuring there are teachers in classrooms each Sunday, filling teaching spots, making sure teaching boxes are packed with supplies, just to name a few. Mary, we are truly blessed and thankful for your unselfish leadership and service! I am stepping into her position and have big shoes to fill! As we look to the future, we would love to encourage families to not only bring their children to church but to fulfill God’s command in Deut. 6:7 to teach His word to our children “when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”