The year 2019 is an eventful one already. A blizzard of epic proportions reminds us that we still live in Northeast Ohio and that no matter how much we would like to have full control, walking with Christ is about responding to our circumstances with a godly attitude rather than controlling our circumstances.

Yet, there are some decisions that we are directly responsible for. We cannot stop the snowy weather, but we can drive slower. We can shovel our driveway. And we can get our milk and bread early before the whole of Middlefield descends on Walmart the night before the big storm is supposed to hit.

And so it is with purpose and intention that Cornerstone had adopted a new Children’s Ministry Policy that will be launched on Sunday, February 17th. We want to be above reproach in how we serve the children that parents entrust to our care. After all, our mission is not to replace parents but rather to come alongside them in the discipleship and spiritual teaching of their children. (See our Children’s Ministry page for more information).

As we consider the role of parents in the spiritual training of their children, we have also scheduled a Parents Nite. We’re inviting parents of students in 7th-12th grade to join their kids in our Student Ministries night (Sundays, 6pm-8pm at the Ministry Center). Parents will see what their students experience each Sunday evening and join us in considering how they can make the most of what the Lord is going to teach them at our upcoming Winter Retreat 2019. Every student will have fun, even if their parents aren’t able to make it. Please join us as we conclude our series on spiritual disciplines and consider ways we can immerse our time together at home in genuine worship.