Are you reading through the New Testament? I hope so. God uses many tools to shape and conform us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. He uses the circumstances that we experience. God uses the people that we live with and come in contact with throughout our day. He disciplines us (which we’ll talk about this upcoming Sunday), leading us to maturity. But one of the greatest tools that has been given to us is the written Word of God.

Transformation takes place as we renew our mind day by day by focusing on the absolute truth that we discover in Scripture. So I hope that you are committing to get into your Bible and discovering how amazing our God is and what great lengths He has gone to draw you to Himself. I was encouraged this morning by reading Matthew 26 and seeing how great Jesus’ love was for a group of men that constantly failed Him.

That same love is there for you and me too! Just like the Apostles, I fail too. But the love of Jesus is ever present and I’m looking forward to diving into tomorrow’s text to meditate on the moments that Jesus was betrayed, arrested, and treated poorly on our behalf.

Questions to Consider:
  •  When is the time of day that works best for you to read the Bible? For me, it’s first thing in the morning when I like to grab a cup of coffee, spend some time in prayer, and then read & meditate on the Word. But for my wife, as well as my kids, they read Scripture on their own before heading to bed. There’s no perfect time for every single person, but there should be specific time that you are purposefully setting aside to focus on the truth that God has given to us in His Word.
  • Are you talking about what you’re reading and meditating on? God’s Word is not a dead end road that concludes with you. It is powerful enough to transform you and should flow to the people around you. I would encourage you to make it your aim everyday to take one thought that you’ve read and pass it along to someone that you interact with regularly (your spouse, your kids, a parent, a friend, a coworker, etc.) It doesn’t have to be long or lofty. It can simply be, “I was encouraged by…” or “While I was reading in Matthew today I learned (or was challenged by)…” We formulate our thoughts more intentionally when we’re seeking to verbalize them. Give it a try if you aren’t doing that already.
  • What are you praying about in the midst of your reading? The Bible is like no other book for it is the very words of God. Through His Word, God is communicating to me personally in that moment and I want to be aware of that. My prayer is often times, “God, please open my eyes to the truth that is revealed here.” Just like anyone else, I can have a hardened heart as I open my Bible. But I don’t want that. I want to be humbled by the truth that is front of me and I want to be guided by the Spirit to be led toward maturity. So I spend the time reading but also in prayer as I read the days text.

I’m praying for you in this journey through the New Testament and I’m hopeful that this builds our church in unity around our Savior Jesus Christ as we intentionally spend time in His Word together!