We have entered a season of prayer for our church, and soon we will be entering a short season of fasting, seeking the Lord’s help and wisdom as we look to construct a building. The students have been invited into this time of seeking the Lord, not only because we have been exploring spiritual disciplines in recent weeks but also because they are part of the body as young adults. Parents, as you pray for the Lord to guide our church family, I encourage you to spend time in prayer for our students. They are not only the church of tomorrow, but they are certainly the church of today. If you have students at home, encourage them to fast and pray with you, using time throughout this final weekend of special prayer to magnify the Lord’s goodness and forgo usual nourishment as a way to learn the reality of our complete dependence on the Lord. This is such a great way to worship the Lord as a family as well as to show young believers what their parents really consider important. Indeed, as Christ-followers we are all in this together, from the youngest to the oldest and “the least of them to the greatest” (Hebrews 8:11, ESV).