I have moved a number of times so far in my life. In 2010-2013 alone I moved a total of six times. Most of those moving experiences only involved one person—a single college graduate named Josh. But then I was blessed with a wife, two boys, and a daughter on the way. It was as if marriage and toddlers made our house a “stuff magnet” overnight. We didn’t seek out a lot of baby clothes, toys, tools, or books, but people gave generously to us.

As we approach the impending move from Cleveland to Parkman, I am reminded how easy it is to become attached to stuff, and the Lord has used the circumstances of our move to show me what is really valuable. With two growing boys and a wife great with child (due in only a few short weeks!), I find that my ministry of husband and father is needed more than ever. I think I have less time to kick back and enjoy all my stuff than ever in my life. And that’s a good thing. The Lord has used this time to open my eyes even more to the spiritual reward of serving my family in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t necessarily provide a quick feeling of fun or delight that stuff gives, but it presents something much deeper—the satisfaction that my family is led closer and closer to genuine worship of Christ.

That being said, I genuinely appreciate all the help the church is offering as some prepare to help me move my stuff. Despite our attempts to whittle down our collection before the move, I am sure to say at least one time, “Oh that? Yes, I will use it someday—I promise.”