“Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!” ~ Proverbs 9:4


Would you consider yourself a simple person?

When I say simple, I’m not talking about a person that  is plain and only lives with the bare necessities of life. I’m talking about a person that is simple in mind. A person that is lacking in wisdom.

Well, I would argue that we all begin this life of ours lacking in wisdom. We all begin as simple people for there are countless areas that we lack understanding. We are not born fully equipped to handle the pressures of life, the ups and downs in relationships, or the many other facets of our existence.

In order for us to not remain simple, or foolish, we are going to need some help.

That is why the book of Proverbs is such a gift from God to us. For within this book we find so many practical truths about wisdom that comes from God. And this past weekend, we started a new teaching series on Sunday mornings where will be teaching on many themes from within this book over the summer. Our hope is that we would all grow in wisdom.

What is wisdom? Wisdom understands what is right and best, accepts it as true, and then lives it out. True wisdom is believing that God has designed life a certain way, so we go to Him and learn from Him. We are seeking to discover what God has to say is right and best about every detail of our life, and then submitting ourselves to His wisdom, allowing what He has to say is best to be the actions of our lives.

When you have His wisdom, it changes the character of your life. It affects every detail of your existence because you’re no longer living in the moment with knee jerk reactions. You view every detail through a different set of lenses. You think about your finances differently, your relationships differently, your work ethic, your time, your resources, your emotions… everything changes when you have wisdom that comes from above.

We all may start off simple, but we can move towards wisdom as it moves toward us. As we seek wisdom from God, we are prayerful that this would not just be a changing of our outward actions but it would genuinely shape our hearts. For Proverbs teaches us that wisdom is not primarily about what we do but about who God is and what he’s done for us through His Son Jesus Christ.

One Chapter a Day

I’d like to encourage you to pursue wisdom in a practical way over the month of July by simply reading the book of Proverbs. My family and I are planning on reading through Proverbs together, one chapter a day. On July 1st, we’re going to read Proverbs 1. On July 2nd, we’re reading the second chapter and so on.

It’s a simple method but at the end of the month we’ll have read through the entire book together. My hope is to then focus on one verse a day within the chapter that we read. This will then give us an opportunity to talk about God’s wisdom, submit to what He say is best, and grow in our dependence on His Spirit to carry out that truth.

So would you consider joining us? Comment below if you’ll commit to reading A Chapter a Day through the month of July. Maybe even come back through the month and comment about how a particular proverb is challenging or encouraging you. We deeply desire to be an encouragement to each other as we spur one another on in our walk with Jesus Christ!