This past week the Cornerstone Ministry Center was full of children of all ages. The halls and classrooms were crowded with young hearts and minds eager to be part of this week-long event we call “Vacation Bible School.” Volunteers worked tirelessly, investing their summer mornings in a flurry of songs, skits, and games.

But why? What is the point of dressing up our building like a deserted island and rehearsing the theme of rescue? Simple – because we really do believe that Jesus rescues. This year’s theme, “Shipwrecked,” is more than a cute reference to “Robinson Crusoe” or Tom Hanks’s “Castaway.” Through our sin, each of us have shipwrecked our lives and are destined to be lost and more hopeless than any fictional castaway.

But Jesus rescues. No child or adult is beyond His saving grace, and no matter how far we stray He still loves us. Jesus calls the lost to place their faith in Him alone to save, and we believe that children too can place their faith in Jesus to save, “for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14, ESV).

What a precious charge we have as a church to declare Jesus’ rescuing gospel message to all! Rejoice in all that the Lord accomplished this past week, praise Him for each and every smiling child that walked through our doors, but don’t stop there. Ask Him to make your heart tender toward the gospel need of the children and parents in your own circles, in your neighborhood, and prayerfully wait for opportunities to share about how He rescues. VBS is just the beginning.