Everyone counsels. We may not all consider it counseling. We may prefer to call it our opinion, or our advice, or our two cents. But when you boil it down, it’s counseling. You’re giving instruction as to how someone should live their life.

In our personal ministry to the people that we’re surrounded by, we want to show compassion and we want to  lovely carry their burdens with them as we listen to their heartaches and problems. But we also want to give helpful insight and help the wisely walk through whatever the situation may be.

So our personal ministry to people will involve a great deal of love, but it will also include bringing them to the Word of God. We want to show them that God’s Word provides so much insight into how to honor Him and to live wisely. In our counseling of others we could use some guidance in how we can be most effective in using the Bible to help others. That is why this September we are encouraging people to consider getting some training. The course is called Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling and it will be taught by Armand and Kathy Tiffe.

For more information and to sign-up for the class, please check out the webpage. Biblical Counselor Training