Last night I made a call on Skype to Mark Heffner in order to talk about making a short term missions trip to Taiwan later on this year. The intentions of the call was to get some details, but I received far more than that. After talking for a while and spending some time in prayer together, I ended the call greatly encouraged.

It is very evident that the Heffner’s are passionate about Jesus Christ and making Him known among the people of Taiwan. They have a deep desire to use each moment that they have to advance the Kingdom of God and for that reason I am eager to see individuals from our church sent out to minister alongside of the Heffner family.

What would we do while there?

In my conversation with Mark, he made several suggestions.

Mark teaches in a public school and would love to have us come in and speak in simple english to the students. They’re learning the language and would enjoy interacting with those who speak english fluently. That would provide us an opportunity to share  with the students what we believe to be important.

Mark also mentioned that there would be opportunities to teach the Word of God as well as share our testimonies of God’s faithfulness in our lives, especially in times of trouble. There’s opportunities to minister through music as well as to the children of the area.

There are plenty of options and we will narrow the intentions of the trip down when the team is formed. We will survey the gifts and abilities of our team, then put forward a plan as to how to best use those gifts to minister in Taiwan.

Why even go on a short term missions trip?

There are a number of reasons that I could provide but let me just give you three:

One, it’s an opportunity to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We’re told to carry the gospel to ends of the earth to those are who are lost and enslaved in their sin. There are many people in Taiwan who have no idea of the work that Christ has accomplished on the cross. We get to come alongside of the Heffner’s in bringing the good news to the people in that region of the world.

Two, I believe that seeing God at work in the world is one of the strongest motivators to join in what He’s doing right here at home. Each and every believer in Jesus Christ is an ambassador. We are to be representing Jesus Christ in our homes, workplaces, schools, and everywhere in between. Sometimes stepping out of your current context for a little while is the best way to widen your perspective on the role that God has called you to living on mission for Him wherever you are at.

And third, it’s a great encouragement to the Christians in Taiwan. Many of the Christians there are 1st generation Christians. It opens their eyes to the reality that there are Christians all over the world that love Jesus and that love them. They’re not alone in their pursuit of the One true God. And we’ll have the opportunity to encourage them through godly fellowship and prayer.

When are we going and how much will it cost?

We are planning the trip for October 26 through November 4. It is going to cost approximately $1,500.

Please begin to pray for this trip. Ask that God would guide us in forming the team that would go as well as how to best minister while there. Pray that God would prepare our hearts to minister for His glory and pray for those that we would have the opportunity to minister to.

If this is something that you believe God is leading you to participate in, would you please email me (luke@cornerstoneneo) or sign-up on a Sunday morning. We will have a meeting on Sunday afternoon, July 22nd, for all those seeking to participate.