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We are attempting to keep everyone (especially parents) well informed with what is happening 2.11.13in the Student Ministries by putting out a newsletter on a regular basis. In the newsletter you will find information about what we are teaching on, upcoming events and some resources that will hopefully help you encourage your son or daughter to pursue Jesus Christ. You can click the links below to read each one.

2.25.13                               12.10.12                               10.9.12

2.18.13                                11.19.12                                10.1.12

2.11.13                                11.12.12                                9.24.12

1.21.13                                10.29.12                               9.17.12

1.14.13                                10.22.12                               9.11.12

1.7.13                                  10.15.12                                9.4.12




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