Preaching Schedule (July – September 2016)

I plan out my sermon schedule several months in advance. It has really helped me personally, and I found it helps those who are listening to my sermons come more prepared. At the beginning of every quarter, I provide a “Sermon Card” with the upcoming sermons listed on it. This makes it easy for someone to put it on their refrigerator or use it as a bookmark in their Bible so they can read the text before coming to church on Sunday morning. Many people tell me how much they enjoy them. Here is what we have planned for the next several months.

Summer-in-the-Psalms-Sermon-Banner copyAfter this, we get into our Summer Series that we do most summers: Summer in the Psalms. It is a great way for us to continue in a series through the summer months, but also each week is fairly stand alone.

  • July 10 – Wondrous Things (Psalm 119:17-24)
  • July 17 – A Great Night of Sleep (Psalm 4)
  • July 24 – Proclaiming that God is Good (Psalm 92)
  • July 31 – How the Greatness of God Humbles Us (Psalm 93)
  • August 7 – The Glory of Forgiveness (Psalm 32)
  • August 14 – Trusting the Lord as Leader (Psalm 146)
  • August 21 – A Prayer for Blessing (Psalm 67)
  • August 28 – The Heart that Hears from God (Psalm 25)
  • September 4 – Special Guest Preacher

And then starting after Labor Day, Pastor Luke will be starting our 3rd Series this year under the banner of “Behold Our God.” We have previously studied the character of God in the series Trust in God. Then we spent eight weeks looking at the Son of God, Jesus Christ, in our series Love Like Jesus. In this last series, we will be looking at the Holy Spirit in an 8-week series called, Follow the Spirit.

We hope this helps you prepare yourself for the preaching of God’s Word each week. If you think of it, will you pray for me and others as we open the Word of God each week for us at Cornerstone Bible Church.

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